Placental encapsulation is the practice of preparing the birthing person placenta for ingestion after delivery of a new baby or babies. Here at Unicorn Doula we call our placenta capsules "Rainbow  Drops" because we believe placenta capsules are the after birth prenatal pill specifically created for the birthing person and their body's needs.

Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation for Birthing Person.

The benefits of Placentophagy (the ingestion of the placenta) are to help replenish, restore and reintroduce the birthing person body of healthy vitamins, minerals,  balancing hormones, proteins, and nutrients to the body following labor and birth to help healing with the overall function of the body. Placentophagy can also assist with postpartum depression,  increase breast-milk production, and heighten maternal energy levels, Rainbow Pills (Placenta Capsules) are a wonderful aid with the transition between pregnancy and the early postpartum period for the birthing person. 


Placenta Encapsulation Services

Steamed:  The placenta is gently rinsed and steamed ( herbs can be added to the water).  The placenta is steamed at 120 degrees F for 35 minutes and then dehydrate at  160 degrees for the first 2  hours, then  125 degrees after for 24 hours. This method will kill any potential bacteria from the birth or hospital.

 Raw  Foods  Method /Un-Steamed: 

"No it's not raw "! The Placenta is dehydrated at 160 degrees for the first 4 hours then 118 degrees F for 24hours. 

The Raw Food Method is preferred by many who feel that heating the placenta will “cook” some of the nutrients out of it.   (The raw method should only be performed within 24 hours of birth. )  

$275 Twins $375

Tincture:   Tinctures are a  great alternative. This is a piece of either raw or dehydrated placenta marinated in high-quality Organic 100  proof vodka or brandy and infused by sunlight for 4  hours, and then the tincture is fermented for 6 weeks before use.  This can be used indefinitely for hormone balancing 8 oz.Additional $75

Placenta Salves: Healing Placenta Salves made with cocoa butter, shea butter, mango butter , healing herbs, beeswax, and dried placenta powder. It can be used to help heal cesarean scars, skin problems, and diaper rash.

Additional $25

CBD Infusion:

infusing CBD can help with headaches, fatigue, having trouble with sleeping, anxiety or pain.

CBD Infused Salves- Additional $55

CBD Infused Capsules- Additional $75 (half and half $55) 

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Cord Keepsake :

The cord keepsake allows you to have a physical memory of the connection between you and your child/children.

Additional: $50

Placenta Prints:

An artistic way to keep the memory of the placenta.  Cord blood or food dye is used as paint to create a canvas or card stock photo of the birth person placenta. This is a great option for birthing people who may not be able to consume their placenta but would like to do something special with it.   

Framed Placenta natural (blood) print on cardstock-$25

Framed Placenta (color) print on cardstock- $45

Placenta natural (blood) print on canvas-$50

Placenta (color) print on canvas- $65



Please send a text message to 415-335-1900 when you go into labor to alert me • Send another text when the placenta is packaged and ready for pick up • Hospital will package placenta and can provide ice • The hospital will have you sign an “Organ Release” form • I (we) will be there within hours after the birth to pick up the placenta. If you deliver in the middle of the night, text the first thing in the morning for pick up. • Bring a small cooler to place the placenta in • Your capsules will be delivered back to you within 48- 72 hours from pick up, sometimes. A travel fee of $50 (total) is added for round-trip distances over 25 round-trip miles (from my home to yours/hospital) and $150 for distances 50 miles or more round-trip. This fee covers tolls, fuel, time, etc. Each placenta processed requires at least two round trips, three if tincture is ordered as well.



The number of pills you will get will vary depending on the size of your placenta and the method of preparation you choose. Steamed placentas produce less pills, unsteamed more. The average number typically falls between 75 and 130.

Capsule, prints, cord keepsake, and broth will typically be delivered back to you in 48-72hours. Tinctures take 6 weeks, if you order a tincture it can either be delivered or picked up at a later date, or I can also provide you with instructions on the finishing step to be done at 6 weeks.

Pills will keep for 1 year when stored in a cool dark place. Pills can also be kept in a freezer to maximize freshness. Tinctures keep indefinitely but should be discarded if it forms visible mold or smells foul.

Testing positive during pregnancy does not mean you will be positive at the time of birth.  If there are any concerns about infection a small piece of the placenta can be tested after birth. The remainder of the placenta should be stored safely and kept cold until result return from the lab.
GBS concerns the steamed method of preparation for the placenta highly recommend. The placenta will be steamed at 135 degrees for 30 minutes, then dehydrated at 160 degrees for 24 hrs.

Yes! However, I do not offer pick up/delivery for that. You would be responsible for delivering the placenta to me and picking up your finished product(s).

You may want to check the hospital policy ahead of delivery. If there is a concern of infection or some other issue with the placenta you can ask them to simply cut off a small piece of the placenta to send to pathology for testing. The rest of the placenta should be safely stored and kept cold while waiting for results. I do not encapsulate placentas that have been sent to pathology because I don't not know how they have been handled and what they may have been exposed to, so please tell your nurse/doctor you only want a small piece sent. If you find out that infection is present it is not recommended that you ingest the placenta. You can however still take your placenta home with you and you can apply your $50 deposit to having prints and a cord keepsake made. I can then return your placenta to you for planting or disposing of as you choose.

I am a fully certified and trained placenta encapsulation specialist and also carry an up to dated certification in bloodborne pathogens and have my food safety certificate. I follow universal precautions when handling and preparing all placentas, and follow a strict cleaning and sanitizing protocols at every step of the process.

A $150 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking. This will hold your space on my calendar. The remaining balance is due by the time I pick up. The processing of placenta encapsulation will not begin until full payment has been received.  If for any reason you decided not to have your placenta encapsulated any payment made (except the deposit) is fully refundable, however, once the process has began you are no longer eligible for a refund.  It is the client's responsibility to contact me for cancellation and arrange for a refund.