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What IS an Abortion  Doula?

An Abortion  Doula provides emotional, physical, and informational support to people choosing or needing an abortion. We provide nonjudgmental, compassionate and empowering support focused solely on nurturing YOUR needs. Having an Abortion Doula during your experience can alleviate anxiety and help with aftercare. We listen to you and respond compassionately without judgment. We honor your unique needs and feelings throughout your experience. Your well-being is our only concern.  We provide in-person and telephone support before, during and after an abortion. We are available for abortions that take place both inside and outside the clinic or hospital and at home. 



  • Answer questions and offer community resources

  • Provide logistical information, including where and how to get an abortion

  • Give one-on-one support during certain parts of the abortion or throughout the entire experience

  • Offer emotional support and help process the experience

  • Help with physical relaxation and stress relief techniques

  • Be there for aftercare

  • Provide spiritual and religious support

  • Give nutritional and herbal remedy information

  • Advocate for their unique experience with medical staff

  • Help partners/family/friends/support people with the experience

  • Refer to other support services, including medical, mental health, social and cultural services

​The support that I provide is up to YOU because you know what is best for yourself.




The support that I provide is up to YOU because you know what is best for yourself.

 I will go and attend you at either the clinic or at home if you have an in-home medicated abortion. I will stay as long as you need or want me. After the abortion experience, I will call you within 24 hours to check in, and again after your follow up medical visit for another check-in.