Sleeping Siblings


Pre-Birth Planning Consultation

We will spend around 2 hours finding ways to relieve stress and lessen any fears you may have surrounding childbirth. This may be providing evidence-based information while answering any questions you may have, crafting a birthing wishes guide for your healthcare team, and cover one to two comfort measures. 

Help with nursery prep and home safety

Baby shower and gift registry 

$175 (2 hours)

Big Sister/Big Brother Consulting & "When baby comes”  Tips:

We will spend 2 hours figuring out ways to help big sister/brother adjust to their new siblings. I will also provide and empower you with tools and activities that will keep them entertained and also ways they can help you and feel involved . Give them information about labor day In a fun play way I will go over what the day will look like, and the journey the baby makes to come out. Siblings will learn about, and practice, sounds mom may make in labor. I will model a few simple labor coping techniques so the sibling can help soothe mom in labor (given mom and the child are both feeling up to it in the moment). The sisters or big brothers will learn ways they can help mom while she feeds the baby.

$185 (2 hours 30 min)

Newborn Care:

Topics covered by our newborn care specialist include

Newborn Education & Safety

Safe Sleep Guidelines

Breastfeeding Latch Assistance

Sudden Infant Death prevention

Common infant skin conditions

Bath time

Bottle Preparation & Feeding

Proper Milk and Formula Storage

Cleaning Bottles and Pumping Supplies


Diaper care and changes,

preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome

Learning swaddling and transitioning

$199.99 ( 3 hours)

Liquid Gold Custom Skincare:

Turn your extra breast milk into great skincare. We take your supply and make skincare specifically for you and your family. Because each mothers supply is different there is no flat rate for this service. The first oz. of milk $25 each additional oz. is $1.50. Please contact Unicorn Doula for more information.



All Natural Organic Skincare for Mommy

  • Lotion

  • Body Wash

  • Body Oil

  • Bath Salts

  • Scrubs

  • Body Butters

  • Body Powder

  • Deodorant